We're dedicated to making 巴尔的摩 a better place to live

Since 1936, MECU Credit Union has been committed to supporting the local communities we serve. 通过慈善努力, education and scholarship programs, 社区外展, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all 巴尔的摩 residents.


MECU provides financial support to 100+ charitable organizations who are working to make 巴尔的摩, 马里兰是个更适合居住的地方. We support local nonprofits in areas such as youth empowerment and education, 社区发展, 艺术和文化. Some of our community partners include Arts Every Day, 巴尔的摩市青年协会, 马里兰州食品银行, Villa Maria and Helping Up Mission.


MECU offers employees paid volunteer time to encourage volunteering. Some of the organizations supported by our volunteers include 马里兰州食品银行, Hope & 优雅的使命, 囊性纤维化基金会, 美国糖尿病协会, Junior Achievement and Our Daily Bread.

社区外展 & 金融教育

  • 金融研讨会及工作坊- MECU主机免费 金融研讨会 on topics such as building credit, buying your first home and money management.
  • 金融计算器-储蓄或投资? 借或买? Plug some figures into one of MECU's easy-to-use free online 计算器 and get the information you need to make smart decisions.
  • 财务健康课程——MECU levelUP财务健康® program helps improve your money management skills with the tools and advice you need to reach your financial goals.
  • 金融培训– MECU provides no-cost access to 财务顾问 who can help members with debt counseling, credit reports 还有更多.
  • 合作院校 – MECU proudly support our local schools with reading literacy initiatives and financial education for young students.
  • 金钱权力日 – MECU is a founding member of 金钱权力日, the region’s largest free financial fitness fair. 了解更多

Arts Every Day Arts Challenge Fund

In partnership with Arts Every Day, MECU承诺提供200美元,000 over four years to expand access to arts and music education in 巴尔的摩 City Public Schools. MECU’s annual contribution will help establish the Arts Challenge Fund, with matching grants for Public Schools principals who expand and sustain arts instruction. 除了, MECU will be the exclusive sponsor of MECU Music Ed/Remix, a new program that will enable local musicians to collaborate with 巴尔的摩 City Public Schools students on original works, 把这些作品录下来, stage two performances over a single school year.


自2007年以来, MECU has provided more than 100 scholarships totaling more than $110,000 to students pursuing higher education. MECU has partnered with CollegeBound Foundation to award 10 annual $1,000 “Merit and Service” Scholarships to 巴尔的摩 high school seniors who achieve high academic performance or demonstrate a commitment to community 服务. 了解更多关于 大学奖学金.


When it comes to helping the community, MECU has open arms!

Thallas L.